Sunday, March 8, 2009


Tom Yam Goong or Tom Yam prawn is a de facto official food of the Kingdom Of Thailand. It is characterized by its distinct hot and sour flavors, with fragrant herbs generously used. The dish is not only delicious, it is also relatively easy to prepare. Tom Yam is known to have it medical benefits too. It is said that substances released from the heating of lime leaves & mushrooms has could aid in preventing cancer. Follow the instructions step by step and if it’s done differently, the taste would be different.

It's cooking time..
Boil 4 glasses of water
Add 2 cubes of good quality chicken stock

Add these into the boiling chicken stock:
3 stalk of bruised lemon grass (Cut each stalk into 5 parts )
3 cm of galangal (Cut thinly)
½ Onion or 4 shallots (Cut into wedge shape)
4 bird’s eye chilli (Cut each chilli into 3 pieces. You can have more if you want it hotter)
2 coriander root (Crushed. The root has a special flavour. Just make sure you clean them well)
2 wedges of garlic (Crushed)
A handful of Kaffir lime leaves. (Strip the veins of 6 kaffir lime leaves, the middle part of the leaf)
Add 2 tablespoon of sugar
½ teaspoon of salt

After 5 minutes add:
Small Tomatoes (Cut into 3 pieces. It important to use tomatoes even if you don't like to eat them)
Straw mushrooms or button mushrooms (Do not use mushrooms that has strong taste like shitake and oyster mushroom)
Nam Prik Pow mixture (½ a cup of Evaporated milk, mixed with 2 tablespoon of Thai Chili Paste known as Nam Prik Pow. A good brand is Pantai Norasingh or Mae Pra Nomh)

Switch off the heat and immediately:
A mixture ofLime juice from 3 large seedless lime and same amount of Thai fish sauce (Use good quality fish sauce)
Add Spring onion, & Prawn (deveined)
Garnish with coriander leaves (This is important too)

Bon Appetit. I think this is the best Tom Yam Recipe ever. Try it out step by step. Don't skip on anything at all.


  1. Salam..
    Thanks for the resepi tak sabar2 nak cuba..

  2. Hi there

    The prawn should be first separately boiled and drained, isn't it?

    By the way, my favourite variant is chicken breast tom yam. Really love it... :-)

    Do you have the recipe for a famous Patani/Kelantanese noodle dish called Mee Celup?

    Thanks. :-)

  3. The prawn should not be boiled first. Otherwise you will overcook them. Switch off the fire then add the prawns.

  4. wow!
    this dish is very amazing!

  5. Thanks Intan.